Lynn Jeffery, freelance illustrator, specializes in humorous illustrations using people, children, dogs, cats, etc.  She has illustrated informational brochures, corporate literature, school books, posters, maps, cartoons and more.


Clients include National Geographic World Magazine, Houghton Mifflin, Penguin Putnam, Scott Foresman, Hunter Douglas, Oxford University Press, Heinemann, Berlitz, Hoechst Pharmaceuticals, Zondervan Publishing, The Wright Group Publishing, Harvard Med School Publications, IBM.


Lynn works with pen and ink and pantone markers on bleed proof paper, delivering original art to the client to be scanned.  This method allows the detail of the line and texture of the color to come through in the final process, whether it be printed material or computer animation.  Rough drafts are faxed to the client for approval before the finished art is completed.  The final version is then shipped via express mail.


The animated web art for this site was created using reflective stills (the original, hand-drawn art) and then scanned and animated in Flash by Buzzword Media of Atlanta.  Art for animation projects can be animated by the client or through Buzzword Media.


Fees and contracts are handled by agent Deborah Wolfe of Philadelphia.  Art directors and others interested in discussing projects, requesting additional samples, or simply wishing to leave a comment are encouraged to visit the CONTACT page and send a message.




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